About Golden Heart Alchemy

Visionary Medium, Mentor, Vibrational Healing Instructor, providing private sessions for accelerating change by accessing the Source Field.

Visionary Medium Alchemical Accelerator


Mandalic Art

Vibrational art encoded with visual sound for accelerated rebalancing, realigning and clearing. Contact Christina Fisher for more information: 808.283.0251

Source: Mandalic Art

Golden Heart Alchemy

Golden Heart Alchemy Mandalic Art Christina Fisher Copyright 2010

Golden Heart Professional Services provides mindful mentoring and strategizing for mission inspired Sole Proprietors & Seed Projects. Under the Golden Heart Alchemy banner people and projects flourish towards fulfilling both intention and purpose.

In a complex world simple strategies emerge aligning with coherent insight, meticulous planning, and novelty.

In a period of upheaval those focused precisely on heart-based concepts are thriving. Those enlivening new methods through forthright practices involving evolutionary concepts and trends are leading others in a period of accelerated change.

Truly heart-based mediums and technologies are leading us to what we want our future to be.

Heart-based evolutionary seed projects are the future.

Christina Fisher

Mentor, Visionary Medium & Strategist